In-Home Training


Thank you for your interest in force-free positive reinforcement dog training.


Training sessions can include all the members of the family and/or one-on-one sessions between the trainer and dog. 

Sessions are $65/hour.

After the initial first session, a package of 3+ sessions can be scheduled at a reduced rate of $55 per hour long session.


Included in each session:

  • Assessing your goals and concerns
  • Tailoring the session to your specific needs
  • Working with your dog(s)
  • Demonstrations of techniques
  • Follow up email recapping the session
  • Training worksheets
  • Replying to questions and concerns that may arise between sessions
  • Free clickers (first session only)
  • Print outs of canine body language (first session only)

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Puppy Start Right


Socialization is only positive if the experience is positive


The Puppy Start Right class gives your puppy a safe place to learn basic manners (sit, lay down, relax) and socialize with new puppies and people.


You will learn about clicker training, developmental periods, canine body language, and how to prevent and solve common issues.

For Puppies 2-5 months old. Classes are keep small (2-4 puppies) to ensure you still get one-on-one attention. (for puppies 6+ months old please check out Canine ConEd or In-Home sessions)



BigPicture.Training offers open rolling enrollment. This gives you the opportunity to get started right away. Teams must attend a people only orientation first. Orientation goes over the benefits of positive reinforcement, clicker mechanics, answering common questions, and some behaviors to work on with your puppy before your first group class.


This six week course is $240 and includes-

  • Orientation (people only)
  • Six classes (once a week)
  • Clickers
  • Puppy Start Right book
  • Prints of canine body language
  • American Kennel Club S.T.A.R. Puppy evaluation
  • Follow up email recapping the class
  • Replying to questions and concerns that may arise between classes


Class Requirements-

  • Collar and/or Harness (no prong or choke chains)
  • Leash (no retractable leashes in class)
  • ID tags
  • Plenty of your dog’s favorite treats
  • Treat pouch (This pouch works great)
  • Mat for the dog to lay on (a simple bathroom mat works well)
  • Vet records
  • Current on age appropriate vaccines



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